Manual Air Horn Valve and Lanyard Cord Kit Control Air Horn DB Tone


Assured Performance Manual Air Horn Valve with lanyard is perfect feature for you air with on board air system.
Pull the cord like a big rig trucker.

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Manual Air Horn Valve

Assured Performance Products
Manual Air Horn Valve w/Lanyard.

This Air Valve is Made of Solid Brass Which Makes the Valve Very Reliable.
Our Valve is Perfect for Getting the Train/Big Rig Tone from Air Horn .
You Can Pull The Lanyard to Sound Horn & Sound Just Like The Big Boys!

Manual Air Horn Valve Specs:
Part Number: ACHRMV-996KIT
Material: Valve Brass-Components Zinc
Valve Dimensions: See Picture #3<
Lanyard Length: 26”
Air Tube Diameter: 0.25” OD Nylon DOT
Air Tube Length: 20 Feet Long
Includes Mounting Hardware
Includes Brass Compression Fitting
Includes Brass fitting to retrofit Assured Performance Horns

Control Air Distribution to Air Horn.
Control Tone and DB Level of Air Horn
Complete your air horn kit with this!!

Add This To Your Air Horn Kit

This Air Horn Manuel Valve with Lanyard will make you feel like a real trucker.  This solid brass valve has a 26 inch lanyard that you can attach the end to your door frame header.  So when you pull that lanyard you will feel like you are driving a 80,000 pound Peterbilt!!  Whether you are going to purchase a new air horn kit or already have an air horn installed on your vehicle this is a great feature to have.

The kit will include 20 feet of quarter inch tubing, brass compression fittings, brass air tubing inserts, 26 inch lanyard and the brass air valve.  There may be additional hardware required for installer obtain during install process..

We do advise that install of the valve can be somewhat complex.   You will have to run air tubing from your air tank to the valve and again from the valve to the air horn manifold.  This job can be somewhat tasking because you will run tubing up and back down the A-Pillar.  The A-Pillar in some vehicle may be already occupied by other wiring.  Professional skills is recommended when installing this manual air horn valve.

*For Continental U.S. Shipments ONLY

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 8 × 8 in


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