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Which Exhaust Tip is correct for my Car/Truck??

How will you know if which exhaust tip will fit your car??
This is question that is ask many times by potential Buyers of exhaust tips.  While many websites use an application guide, they suggest exhaust tips that are hardly ever correct for your application.

The only sure way to be sure is to simply do a little measuring.  All Assured Automotive Exhaust Tips have the specifications online.  Simply click on the picture or title of exhaust tip.  Some of the exhaust tips will have multiple pictures and all will show Inlet Size, Outlet Size, Length, and more.

Know your tailpipe size

First off you will need to know your exhaust tailpipe O.D.(outside diameter).  You do this by measuring the diameter of your tailpipe.  Now that you have that measurement, you know what size inlet I.D.(inside diameter) you need in an exhaust tip.  For example, if your tailpipe has a 2.25 inch O.D.. You will need a 2.25 inch Inlet on your exhaust tip.

Assured Automotive also offers T-304 Stainless Steel Reducers.  If you like the exhaust tip, but the inlet I.D. is not the correct size.  Installer can use a reducer.  Assured Automotive offers reducer for most of the popular exhaust tail pipe sizes.  Keep in mind some tips like the Assured Performance Z-Classic tips can be modified without using a reducer in most cases.

What size outlet do you prefer?

Assured Automotive has probally the largest selection of exhaust tips anywhere. Outlets available from round, rectangle, oval, dual and it goes on from there.

Which ever size outlet or style outlet you choose be sure it will clear any obstacles like bumpers or bumper cut outs.  A little measuring saves a lot of hassle later on.

What about the length?

Assured Automotive offers exhaust tips from 4 inches in length to 18 inches in length.  Just like the outlet, measure for any obsticles. like mufflers, pipe bends, etc.

If you would like more info on EXHAUST TIP FITMENT, view this PDF.

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Why use VIAIR on board systems??

Assured Automotive Company offers the most comprehensive line of VIAIR air compressors & air accessories for both the on-and off-road markets available anywhere.

The quality engineered compressors and components are also used in the OEM segment, and have become the industry standard for both 12- and 24-volt automotive aftermarket applications worldwide.

VIAIR compressors are currently deployed to every corner of the Globe; in the world’s harshest environments from arctic climates to the world’s most unforgiving deserts in a multitude of applications.

VIAIR products Viair On Board Air are currently used by 12 of the Fortune 500 Companies (Non-Automotive), in market segments ranging from Oil Service to Aerospace, from Agriculture to Healthcare. VIAIR Corporation is recognized by its customers and peers alike as the leading manufacturer of high performance air compressors for mobile pneumatic applications.

Like Assured Automotive Company, VIAIR’s goal is to consistently deliver performance, reliability and value to our customers. Also providing the ultimate Vital Air Source – the heart of any mobile pneumatic system to our valued partners worldwide.

Assured Automotive Company not only will supply the user with their needs, but at a great price. With a knowledge and experience in the on board applications.

Assured Automotive Company has in the past carried many different brand 12v air systems.  The other brands did not hold up well and was a constant warranty issue for the company.  In 2007 Assured Automotive Company decided to only carry the most reliable units, VIAIR.  Assured Automotive Company knows the in and outs of all the components.  It is that knowledge that helps the consumer make the correct choice time after time.

So whether you need an 12v or 24v system to supply air to your air horns, air suspension or out in the corn field to your tracker tire.  Assured automotive Company and VIAIR is your answer.

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Are Train Air Horns Legal For Use In Autos?

Are Train Air Horns Legal For Use In Autos??  That is the question Assured Automotive Company is  asked many times each day by potential customers.

As to date there is no Federal U.S. Law in the books making possession of a 152+db Train style air horn on a highway used vehicle illegal.  Although many local ordinances do have excessive noise laws.  Most ordinances have this law effective after sunset.

If an individual uses a train air horn recklessly, that same individual may be harassed by law enforcement officers.  Assured Performance Air Horns can be up to 152db loud!!  That kind of power can literally shake the ground.  That kind of power can also startle a person and will spike their heart rate.

It is great entertainment for many to shock sidewalk users by blowing the BEHEMOTH Train Air Horns and watching them jump out of their skin.  However, common sense needs to be used when doing this and it is NOT recommended by Assured Automotive Company.  There has been rumors floating around the web of terrible situations with pedestrians and air horns.  Stories of bicycle riders darting out into traffic after being blasted by one of the massive Train or Truck Air Horns.

These Air Horns can make your vehicle a safer place when driving down the road.  You can make fellow highway users aware of your presence. They even will help when wildlife is in the middle of the road you are traveling.  The sound of one of these horns usually will send the wild animal scampering off the road.

Assured automotive Company does ask all drivers of vehicle equipped with a Train or Truck Air Horn to use them responsibly and respect others around them.

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On Board Air Systems-Not Only for Air Horns

viair 10007

If you ever walked up to your ride and noticed you had a flat tire.  You will wish you had an on board air system installed on your vehicle.

Assured Automotive Company has a complete line of VIAIR On Board Air systems in stock.  AACo will know what fits your application and your needs.

What type of vehicle are you  installing the VIAIR System on and what are your needs for the system??  Those are the 2 most important questions you will be asked by a knowledgeable representative at AACo.

When Air Systems range in price from $190 to over $700 there is no reason to install a system that is overkill.  On the other hand, you do not want to be underpowered.

VIAIR On Board Air Systems are great for supplying air for inflating tires, but can also be used to operate a pneumatic impact gun for removing the lugs.  It doesn’t stop there.  You can use your VIAIR On Board Air System to supply air to a set of train air horns.  Do you have air bag suspension for slamming or overloads??  You will have plenty of air for suspension needs.  If your4x4 has air lockers of course you will also have plenty of air for them too.

Assured Automotive Company supply’s VIAIR Systems for many commercial uses also.  Systems for vehicle tow services to mobile detail service that use the air supply for blowing water from crevices on the vehicles they are servicing.

With VIAIR On Board Systems ranging from 120psi to 200psi and from half gallon tank kits to 5 gallon tank kits, there is a bit to be considered.  Remember your needs for the system and possible future needs when picking out the correct VIAIR System for your vehicle.

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FAQ About Exhaust Tips – Good Information

When car and truck owners are getting ready to install an stainless steel exhaust tip to there pride and joy(no, not the kid!!), there are some common questions always asked.

Assured Automotive Company(AACo) answers thousands of questions every year regarding exhaust extensions.  AACo has been in the automotive industry for over 19 years and can answer all your questions accurately.  Below are some of the most common questions AACo is asked regarding exhaust tips.

Will my Vehicle Exhaust be louder??

Exhaust tip will not change the db level of the vehicle’s exhaust exit.  A muffler and pipe length and design it what controls the db level of exhaust noise.

Will my Vehicle Exhaust sound different??

In many cases the answer is yes.  If the exhaust tip has a larger ID(inside diameter) than the tailpipe you are replacing.  The larger ID Outlet will act as an echo chamber and will enhance the exhaust exit sound.

Will my Vehicle get better M.P.G.??

No, not very likely.  At best an exhaust will improve your fuel mileage by just a fraction of a percent.  Improvement will come by better exhaust flow and exit.

Will it affect Vehicle’s Manufacturer Warranty??

In 20 years experience of building and installing custom exhaust systems I have never seen a manufacturer warranty be voided because of exhaust work from the MUFFLER BACK.  There is an exception for the 2007 and newer Ford and Chevy Diesels.  Because of the new manufacturer emission setups, changing any part of exhaust can void warranty.

Will this Fit My Vehicle??

There is no data available to look up vehicle OE exhaust specifications. AACo does have a helpful page to help you determine what tip is correct for your vehicle.  View Link Here.

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Air Lift Air Bag Suspension Kits

Air Lift manufacturer has air suspension kits for most vehicle applications.  Whether you  looking to slam you new Honda Accord or you want stability for heavy hauling in your F-Series Ford Pickup.  Air Lift Suspension is your answer.

Air Lift has a Customer Satisfaction Warranty and a Lifetime Warranty on their Air Bags.

Hauling Additional Weight

Adding Air Lift air springs does not change the Weight Rating (GVWR, GCWR, GAWR) of a vehicle. Adding weight over the factory rating is dangerous and voids your Air Lift warranty. Weight ratings take into account tires, bearings, frame, brakes and more. So just increasing your suspension’s ability to support weight does not increase the weight ratings. Never exceed your vehicle weight ratings.

Air System

A common question about air suspension is whether an air system is needed for air suspension.  The answer is no, but it is sure nice to have.  You can add air from any source as long as it provides sufficient pressure to service the springs. On Board Air has become popular because it is so convenient, and because it is harder to find service stations with air available. All adjustments are automatic, or can be made right from the dash, even while driving.

Lifting Your Vehicle

If you’re asking if conventional air springs can take the place of a lift or lowering kit, the answer is NO. These Air Lift Kits are for load support, not raising vehicle height . If you’re asking if air springs will cause a normal ride height vehicle to ride higher, the answer is, YES, if you want them to, by adding pressure, but only by an inch or two. However, this will be over inflate and cause a very rough ride. If you DO want to lower your vehicle, look into AirLift Performance line of products.

Who do you call?

With a lot of knowledge and fast service BEFORE and AFTER the sale, Assured Automotive Company is your answer.  AACo will put together the correct air suspension for your application and for the BEST Prices.

AACo can set up complete system that allows user to use air tools, air horns, and of course air suspension.

Don’t drive unstable loads anymore, air suspension kits start at under $400. A very small price to pay for safety of driver and other road users.

Be Safe Out There..Happy Motoring.

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Police Fire Siren Kits with PA

police siren 200w

Are you looking for a loud siren & PA for your emergency response vehicle?

What you need is an easy install 100 watt or even 200 watt system police siren likes.  Therefore Assured Automotive Company has what you are looking for in quality and service.

Assured Automotive Company has a 100 watt siren PA speaker kit for a far price.  The same unit sells retail for nearly double the price.  It has 5 tones which includes 4 siren tones and an air horn tone.  Everything you need to alert road users of your presence.  If that is not enough there is also a crystal clear PA system included with the siren kit.  The 100 watt speaker can be heard locks away.

If 100 watts isn’t enough wattage for your needs, you may want to invest in the Assured Performance 200 watt siren PA kit.  The ACHRYH-6200 is a very powerful unit that can be heard over a mile away.  The kit includes 7 siren tones plus an air horn warning tone.  Like the 100 watt kit, the 200 watt kit also has a PA included.

So whether your a volunteer fire fighter, a police officer or have a vehicle escort service, Assured Automotive Company has the siren kit you need.

All Assured Performance siren kits have weather proof solid state speakers.  So mounting in grill or engine compartment is not an issue.  Assured Automotive also offers FREE tech support for all there siren kits.

Assured Automotive Company is the answer for your warning device needs.

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Super Bright LED Dash Mount Light

In February of 2011, Assured Automotive Company introduced their new line of dash mounted emergency LED light bars.   In the last 6 months these LED light kits have been a huge success.

What makes these LED dash mount lights special, is simply the brightness of them.  Assured Performance dash mount bars can be seen a mile away, in some cases even further.  The technology incorporated into these kit are the difference between Assured Performance products and others.  The 16 LED fixtures use only a maximum of 13 watts, which means it will not draw from your battery life.

The Assured Performance dash mount light has an industry leading 15 flash modes.  Including a constant on mode (no flash).  Simple plug into a vehicle 12v cigarette lighter outlet, use the suction cups included with the kit to adhere to the front or rear window.  That is it, your ready to light up.

Another great feature is that the Assured Performance dash mount kit will also hold it memory.  Whatever flash mode you last set the light to, it will display the same mode next time you use it.  Even if you unplug the unit from the power source.

It doesn’t matter if your a law enforcement official, fire fighter, security officer, vehicle escort service, towing service, road maintenance or just an everyday road user.  Assured Automotive Company has the light kit colors for you.  The kits are available in RED/BLUEAMBER/AMBERCLEAR/AMBERRED/CLEARCLEAR/CLEAR.   The Clear/Clear model is very popular as an emergency warning light.  Stick it in your rear or front window when your broken down on the side of the roadway.  A great  devise to warn other drivers of trouble ahead so they slow down!!

See videos of each light on display: RED/BLUEAMBER/AMBERCLEAR/AMBERCLEAR/CLEAR.

Hands down, these are BEST dash mount lights on the market.

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Train & Truck Air Horn Kit Install Part 1

Part 1 of 3

So you bought yourself an air horn kit for your ride.  Congratulations!!  There are many different applications that an air horn and a VIAIR on board air system can be install in. We cannot possible cover them all.  Below are some suggestions and things to think about BEFORE you install your new air horn kit.  Assured Automotive Company has been in the auto industry since 1994.  The sales staff and technicians got together to give you some suggestions.


AIR HORN:When deciding where you are going to locate the air horn and the on board air system components you will want to pay special attention to the protection of those components.

The air horn(s) will need to be placed in a location were it is facing in a downward angle.  This will allow any contaminants that might enter the trumpets to drain back out.  You DO NOT want water, snow, mud, etc to sit in the diaphragm housing.  This will cause damage to the horn diaphragms and shorten the life of them.

The most popular spot for the under body horn mounting is behind the front bumper facing sideways.  Assured Performance 140db horns are small enough to fit there on “most” vehicles.   The Assured Performance BEHEMOTH 152db Series horns are sometimes too large to fit behind the bumper.  When installing the  BEHEMOTH-i Air Horn you can remove the trumpets from the manifold for easier mounting.  Face the trumpets any which way to make them fit.   Another popular place for the BEHEMOTH-i air horn for pickup truck applications is to place in a bed cavity.  Most trucks have a cavity on the passenger side, in front of the rear tire inside the fender.  Mounting the horn to the bed side of the cavity is ideal for any horn that might fit there.   The horn(s) can be mounted directly under the body, facing the trumpets sideways, backwards(so loud it doesn’t matter much) or even front wards.  Just be sure, again,  they are in a downward angle to allow contaminants to drain out.

In most cases, if this is the first kit you installed, it will take you longer to consider location of the horn and the air system than it will to actually take to install the kit.  We do advise you to take your time and consider ALL your mounting options.

The staff at Assured Automotive Company would be more than happy to assist you with any install or mounting questions you may have.  We are sure you will enjoy your NEW Assured Performance Air Horn for years to come.

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Train & Truck Air Horn Kit Install Part 2

Part 2 of 3

So you bought yourself an air horn kit for your ride.  Congratulations!!  There are many different applications that an air horn and a VIAIR on board air system can be install in. We cannot possible cover them all.  Below are some suggestions and things to think about BEFORE you install your new air horn kit.  Assured Automotive Company has been in the auto industry since 1994.  The sales staff and technicians got together to give you some suggestions.


When deciding where you are going to locate the air horn and the on board air system components you will want to pay special attention to the protection of those components.

VIAIR 20000 Series Kits:  These VIAIR Plug-N-Play style kits are designed to be mounted upright with the compressor on top.  Idea location for mounting would be in a truck bed or a cabinet like on a RV or boat.  The reason for this is because of the drain petcock location on tank.  Also if you mount the unit other than upright, condensation can build up in the check valve, corroding it and shortening the life of it.

VIAIR Under Body Kits: These VIAIR kits are the most versatile when it comes to mounting.  The compressor is not mounted to the tank and this makes install a lot easier.  When finding a location for the components you will want to keep it away from vehicle parts that get extremely hot, like the exhaust.  In most cases you may not find room in the engine compartment for the compressor, let alone the tank.  Mounting the kit under vehicle is your only option.

If ground clearance is an issue, like a car, mounting the kit in the trunk  is a great option.  A lot of installers make a mounting plate and actually mount the compressor and tank to it.  Then, if car owner needs extra trunk space in the future the kit can easily be removed and reinstalled quickly.

Low ground clearance SUV many installers mount just the air tank in the SUV cargo area, then just mount the compressor under the vehicle.  Inside or just behind the rear bumper is the most ideal spot.

If ground clearance is not an issue like on large SUVs and pickups, compressor and tank can mount easily under the vehicle.  Mounting the tank to the actual under body will raise the tank high enough to it cannot be seen.

On any mounting you will want the compressor mounted to a frame rail or frame component. Mounting the compressor to a vehicle body panel will cause a vibration inside vehicle and compressor will be heard easily on the inside of vehicle.  The VIAIR compressors are oilless and can be mounted upright, upside down, side ways or any which way.  When locating a mounting spot you will want to consider being sure the unit is not exposed.  Road debris can get throw up onto the unit causing damage to compressor.  Mounting the compressor below the frame rail is discouraged.

When mounting the compressor and tank near each other, whether being in the same compartment or under the vehicle.  It is a good idea to keep the compressor within 12 inches of a air tank port.  This is so you can run the stainless steel braided compressor feeder line directly into the tank.  This is not required to do, but it allows the compressor to fill the tank more efficiently.

The staff at Assured Automotive Company would be more than happy to assist you with any install or mounting questions you may have.  We are sure you will enjoy your NEW Assured Performance Air Horn for years to come.