Rigid 906703 SR-Series PRO LED Light Bars | 6″ Pair | DOT Street Legal


Rigid Industries 906703  SR-Series PRO LED Light Bars.
This kit includes a PAIR of DOT SAE J583 Compliant Street Legal 6″ Light Bars
This Pair of Single Row LED Lights are street legal with cool blue horizontal projection.
This SR-Series Light Bars produces 5280 Raw Lumens.
See item description for more details.

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Rigid D-SSSeries LED Lights

Rigid 906703 SR-Series PRO 6″ LED Light Bars
Pair of Rigid DOT / SAE J583 Compliant LED Lights
Street Legal  Single Row LED Light Bars
SR-Series PRO (Professional Race Output)
Street Legal LED Lights..

Rigid 906703 SAE Compliant SR-Series Fog Light Set allow Rigid Industries LED Lights to be used on-the-road and not just off-road. Rigid created the perfect output spread and height achieved by the new patented Clarilux™ optic system. The color temperature of the LEDs is a perfect range of pure daylight to penetrate the night as your eyes read the road.

The SAE Compliant lights project long range high intensity light while drawing very little power and provide up to 50,000 useful hours. The low profile design, advanced engineered heat sink, cast aluminum durability and the highest quality of strength of a poly carbonate lens is the ultimate solution for your street-legal needs in North America.Use for anything from a reverse lights on a truck.

PRO Rigid SR-Series

The Rigid 906703 SR2-Series PRO LED Light Bars provide a sleek, low profile lighting solution that measures less than 2” tall. Thanks to improved LED technology, the SR2-Series PRO now offers more light output than ever before with up to 111% more raw lumens. As the name implies, the SR2-Series PRO utilizes a single row of LEDs with your choice of Hybrid or patented Specter optics in a variety of beam patterns.

Ideal for applications where space is limited, the SR2-Series PRO is a powerful light source designed to project light at extreme distances while consuming very little power. Available in a wide range of lengths and configurations, these LED light bars can be used on virtually any application, whether it’s an off-road vehicle, industrial, agricultural, or marine. RIGID’s SR2-Series PRO lights utilize extruded aluminum housings and are available with either a black or white durable powder coated finish. Along with improved LEDs for more output, the SR2-Series PRO benefits from new branding and blacked-out circuit boards for a more refined look. They feature the same superior build quality as the rest of RIGID’s lighting products, providing reliable and efficient lighting on demand.

Rigid 906703 Specs:

RIGID PN: 906703
Quantity of Lights Bars Included: 2
SAE J583 Fog Optics (DOT Legal !!)
Housing Color: Black
Mount Type: Surface
LED Color: White
LED Quantity: 12 (6 each)
Voltage: 9-36 V-DC
Watts: 42 (21 each)
AMP Draw: 3.0 (1.5 each)
Raw Lumens: 5280 (2640 each)
Lux @ 10m: 130 each
Beam Distance (meters): 228 each
Peak Beam intensity: 13030 cd
Each Light Bar Dimensions: 7.6”W X 1.6”H x 3.0”D


Surface Mounting Hardware
Plug-n-Play Wire Harness
Deutsch Electrical Connector and Switch


SAE J583 Fog Optics
Authentic LED Chips and Driver Circuitry.
Reverse Polarity Protected
IP68 Certified ROHS Compliant
Gore Pressure Equalizing Vents.
Unbreakable Polycarbonate Lens
A360 High Purity Aluminum Cast Housing.
Durable UV 3800 Polyester Powdercoat.
Over/Under Voltage Protection
Operating Temperature -40 to +145 deg. F.
Superior Protection Against RFI/EMC Interference.
MIL810-STDG Vibration Certified
ASTMB117 Salt/Fog Certified
Integrated Thermal Management System.
Designed and Engineered in the USA

A U.S.A. Company
RIGID Limited Lifetime Warranty

Rigid beam pattern top
Rigid beam pattern side

Don’t Forget To Get Covers

Why RIGID Lights??
Get More for less by Going GREEN!

The Rigid LED will decrease your expenses and reduce your power consumption. Firstly, the Measurement of Light is Lumens per watt.  Secondly how much light is produced for every watt of electricity used?  The need for generators, for example,  is reduced and not a drain on your battery compared to tradition lighting. In conclusion with 10 years+ of redefining LED Lighting for the Power Sports Industries, Rigid Industries patented technologies and high performance products continue to raise the bar.

LED Lifetime – 50,000+ hours

The Rigid LEDs are solid state devices with no moving parts, therefore, they are able to withstand shock and vibration better than the traditional Halogen, HID and Xenon lights.  The expanded life of the LED means that they will last for over 50,000 hour.  However,  compared to Halogen and Xenon lights which typically last up to 1,000 and 5,000 hours respectively.  Therefore after considering the extreme conditions of the off road environment,  Rigid LEDs are the logical choice for all your lighting needs.

Tired of Changing Bulbs and Repairing Damaged Parts?

In Short the Rigid LED Lights are manufactured to withstand the harshest environments that mother nature can dish out. In addition the LED Lights are made with only the finest marine grade materials available. Therefore the manufacturing process ensures LED Lights that are resistant to water penetration, shock and vibration. Touch them once, then sit back and admire the performance for the life of your boat. In Conclusion, everything should be this simple and enjoyable.

Includes Rigid Industries Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 7 × 7 in


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