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Viair’s Hookup Kit for Onboard Air Systems is custom designed to work with VIAIR Compressors, this hookup kit includes a Pressure Switch with Built-in Relay and an illuminated dash panel gauge with built-in ON/OFF switch. This kit also comes with 20 ft. of positive extension wire, 20 ft. of air delivery line tubing, as well as every part you will need to hook up to an air tank for a multi-purpose onboard air system.  Available for 105psi, 120psi and 150psi on board air systems.     See item description for more details.

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Viair hookup kit

Viair Hookup Kit for On Board Air Systems
Available in 105psi, 120psi and 150psi systems
Part Numbers 20052, 20053, 20055

The Viair hookup kit are designed to work in conjunction with Viair Air Compressors.
The 2″ gauge allows you to read pressures in your air system.
The Viair Pressure gauge will read accurately from 0 to 150psi.
The numbers on gauge face are are easy to read
These Viair gauges are illuminated so no problem reads in dark situations.
The Viair dash panel includes a rocker switch for powering your compressor ON/OFF.
There is an included wiring kit, includes wire, inline fuse holder and electrical connectors.
The Viair Hookup Kit includes your choose of a 105psi, 120psi or 150psi pressure switch /relay.
This is an awesome accessory to your on board air system.

You Choose Your PSI:

VIAIR PN: 20053
85 PSI ON / 105 PSI OFF

VIAIR PN: 20055
90 PSI ON / 120 PSI OFF

VIAIR PN: 20052
110 PSI ON / 145 PSI OFF

Viair HookUp Kits Include:

Illuminated Dash Panel Gauge
0-150 psi Air Gauge with Black Face
20 Ft. 1/4” O.D. Air Line Tubing
20 Ft. Lead Wire with Inline Fuse
Pressure Switch with Built-In Relay
Compression Fittings
Tee Fitting (1/4” NPT F)
Reducer 1/4″ NPT M to 1/8″ NPT M
Quick Connect Coupler (1/4″ NPT)
Quick Connect Stud (1/4” NPT F)
Compression Fitting (1/4” NPT M)
Compression Tee Fitting (1/4” NPT M)
Insulated Female Terminal Connectors (3)
Insulated Male Terminal Connectors (2)
Quick Splice Connectors (2)
Ring Terminals (3)
Cable Ties (6)
Cable Tie Brackets (3)
Continuous Grommet
Mounting Screws, Washers, Nuts (2)
Instruction Manual
VIAIR 1 Year Warranty

The gauge in this kit is the same gauge used in the Viair most of the onboard air kits.  Viair utilize a well-designed, high quality 150 PSI pressure monitor with built-in ON/OFF switch to activate or deactivate compressors as needed.  This hookup kit is great for guys putting together a custom kit.

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