Kleinn 630 Train Horn 154db | VIAIR 280c Compressor 2.5g Tank Kit


The 154db Kleinn 630 Train Air Horn Triple Trumpet Inline Horn and VIAIR 280c 2.5 gallon 150psi air system. Installer can reconfigure trumpets to fit small places.

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Kleinn 630 Horn 280c

Kleinn Train Horn 630

Kleinn Model 630 Train Air Horn
3 Trumpet Train Style Air Horn

Viir Authorized Dealer

VIAIR 280c Compressor 150psi Medium Duty 2.5 Gallon
Ultimate Triple Trumpet Air Horn Kit

Too Loud? Too Bad!!

If you’re looking for the loudest, nastiest horn there is, look no further.
The Kleinn Model 630 is the ultimate train horn for your car, truck or SUV.
The trumpets mount separately for easy installation.
This kit includes a Viair 280c Compressor 2.5G On Board Air System.

This Kleinn 630 horn can be mounted anywhere on the vehicle as long as it’s facing at a downward angle.
The trumpets are removable from mounting plate so reconfiguration for fitment is possible.
The trumpets can be configured to fit most vehicles.

The Viair 2.5 Gallon Air System easily can mount in car’s trunk..
..the bed of a pickup or UTV..
..or even storage hold of RV.
Can also be mounted under vehicle as well.
This Air System is considered an underbody kit.
The Air System can be mounted in any position
This Viair Air System can also be used for emergency tire inflate of small tires, air lockers, air springs, etc.
We give you options for compressor upgrades.
Quick and Easy Install For Experienced Techs.

Kleinn 630 Air Horn Specs:

Part# ACKLN-630
Chrome Plated Spun Copper Removable Trumpets
Votex 7 / 12vDC Heavy Duty Brass Body Solenoid
Detachable Trumpets
Trumpet Diameter: 7.5”
Trumpet Lengths: 17.5”, 15.5′, 11.5′
Overall Dimension: 18.3” Long x 185” Wide x 7.2′ Tall
Max PSI Input: 175
Output (db) @ 150psi: 154.4
Mounting Hardware: Included
Inline Trumpet Mounting
*Can fit these trumpets in tight areas like behind a bumper
Includes Mfg 1 Year Warranty

VIAIR Compressor Kit Specs:

VIAIR 280c Compressor
150psi (30% Duty @ 100psi).
Duty Cycle Explained-CLICK HERE
12 Volt
Amp Draw: 16 amps.
Stainless Steel valves and Bearing.
Min./ Max. Ambient Temp: -40F. / +158 F.
Includes 1/4” Stainless Steel braided feeder line
Nickel Plated Inline Check Valve
Compressor Dimensions: 7.8” L. x 3.95” W. x 6.35” H.
2.5 Gallon Tank – 1/4″ NPT Ports(x6)
Air Tank Dimension: 23.5″L. x 6.0″W. x 7.5″H.

This On Board System Includes:
*30 amp Relay.
*Pressure Switch (110psi ON / 145 psi OFF)
1/4 NPT M x 1/8″ NPT F Reducer
1/4″ NPT M x 1/4″ Tube Comp Fitting
1/8″ NPT M x 1/4″ Tube Comp Fitting
1/4″ NPT M Plug(x2)
175psi Safety valve
*20 Feet Air Lines Tubing
*Nuts/ Screws/ Washers for Compressor and Tank
*Complete Instructions.
*VIAIR 1 Year Warranty against Defects

2.5 Gallon Tank Fill Rate w/VIAIR 280c Compressor
0 to 105 PSI —–2 Min. 55 Sec.
0 to 145 PSI —–4 Min. 41 Sec.
85 to 105 PSI—-0 Min. 44 Sec.
110 to 145 PSI—–1 Min. 36 Sec.

Need a LARGER, more Heavy Duty Compressor??
We have Compressor Upgrade Options.

Kleinn Model 630 Triple Trumpet Air Horn- Viair 280c 2.5G OBA

This Kleinn Train Horn 630 will get you noticed and will wake up inattentive drivers that share the road with you. The Kleinn horn’s ear piercing, deep loud tones will be heard a long ways away!!

This popular Kleinn Train Horn 630 is a train style air horn will work in your RV, SUV and of course make for a great pickup truck air horn. The trumpets can be removed from the mounting plate making it possible to reconfigure the trumpets for custom installs.  Some popular spots for mounting this horn is behind front bumper, in the spare tire spot on lifted trucks or under the body of vehicle.

The quality is something you will appreciate years down the road. This air horn has chrome plated spun copper trumpets that will not rust to discolor for many, many years. The diaphragm housing are made of cast aluminum and are polished to shine like chrome and have stainless steel diaphragms.  This Kleinn Train Horn 630 is not for the average person, this thing is CRAZY LOUD!!

This Viair on board air system produces a whopping 150psi. The Kleinn 630 Train Horn with Viair 280c compressor is 30% Duty at 100psi. and is considered medium duty in the Viair line.

More Than Just A Air Horn Kit…

The Kleinn 630 Horn 280c 2.5 Gallon Tank is an air advantage when using this air system. Simply put, it will have more volume air in reserve. This Viair Kit is perfect for air supply for this horn, air spring kits or air lockers and even filling small tires with air. The kit includes the Viair patented air filter relocation kit. This way the 280c air compressor can be mounted under the vehicle and filter can be in a location that is clean.

Ideal places for the air filter is in engine compartment or inside the vehicle cabin under a seat or under a bed rail is also ideal. This will extend the life of the compressor greatly. Our Viair heavy duty kit includes a 110psi ON and 150psi OFF pressure switch which allows the air system to always maintain proper air pressure in the tank. The kit includes all the necessary fitting for install.

Purchase with confidence, we are an Authorized VIAIR DEALER.

Need A Horn Switch?

You can use OE Horn Switch (steering wheel) to activate solenoid.
You don’t want to use your OE Horn Switch??
Choose option to include Horn Button Switch.
Do you want to Look and Feel like a Big Trucker???
Choose option to include Manual Air Valve Kit w/Lanyard
Assured Performance

Add Optional Tire Fill Air Hose

Choose 1 of 2 VIAIR Tire Fill Hose Kit options below:

The first of the two options (Yellow Hose Kit-Top of Pic Below) is Viair 35′ Coil Air Hose and is 200psi rated. This kit includes a Female Quick Connect fitting and Male Quick Connect Studs(2). Also includes a tire chuck. (PN:ACV0037-KT)

The second of the two options (Digital Hose Kit-Bottom of pic) is the Viair Digital Tire Fill 30′ Hose Kit. Includes Digital Tire gauge that reads 0-200psi. Also includes a canvas protective carrying case. (PN:ACV00044)
CLICK HERE for Digital Tire Fill Kit Info

Kleinn 630 Horn 280c Viair Tire Fill Hose Kit and Save

Add Air Gauge & ON/OFF Switch

A lot of installers prefer installing an air gauge for the on board air system. Add this gauge and save some money off buying separately.

This wiring kit includes gauge, on/off switch, 20 feet of 16g wire, 20 amp inline fuse, electrical connectors & zip ties.

Kleinn 630 Horn 280c Viair Wiring Kit & Gauge and Save

Add Compressor Mounting Bracket

This bracket will make mounting your compressor a little easier. You can weld or bolt this bracket to vehicles frame, then simple bolt the compressor to this bracket. This will save the installer a lot of install time.

Add A Viair Wiring Kit & Gauge and Save

*For Continental U.S. Shipments ONLY


Additional information

Weight 49 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 28 × 15 in


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