Quad Trumpet Train Style Air Horn 140db | Chrome | 12v 24v Solenoid


Assured Performance 140db Quad Trumpet Train Style Air Horn with Solenoid. Super Loud!

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Quad Trumpet Air Horn

Assured Performance Products
Quad Trumpet Air Horn
4 Trumpet Train Style Air Horn

Check Out our Video Below.
Actual Horn in the GMC Yukon-See Video.

Of course this video does not do justice to just how loud this 140db Train Style Horn really is!!
The Quad Trumpet Train Style Horn has a great sounding quad-tone.
This kit is perfect for Cars, Trucks and SUVs.
It is also great for RVs or in your UTV.
This A.P. Quad Trumpet Air Horn is made of zinc-Great shine-NO Rusting
This Assured Performance Air Horn has that awesome train type tone.

This item is for the A.P. Quad Trumpet Air Horn ONLY
This train style air horn needs an air supply to operate.
We recommend 100psi to 150psi air pressure for this horn.
If you do not have an air supply you are in luck
we have complete kits available – CLICK HERE

A.P. Quad Trumpet Air Horn Specs:

Part# ACHRSK-380
DB: 140 @ 10M(120psi)
Solenoid(Electric Air Valve): Included (12v/24v).
Trumpets: 4
Trumpet Diameter: 3.7”
Trumpet Lengths: 6.6”, 9.1”, 11.5”, 13.75”
Overall Dimension: 14.5” Long x 6.75” Wide x 7.1” Tall
Trumpet Material: CHROME Plated Zinc(non-corrosive)
Mounting Hardware: Included
Mirror Finish-Trumpets will look like new for years to come.
Works on any 12v or 24v system.
Rated for 80- 180psi max.
Super Loud-Great Bang for the Buck!!
Can fit these trumpets in tight areas like behind a bumper.
Over-sized Hi-Flow Air Solenoid

This Item Does NOT Include Air System Needed
Do You Need An On Board Air Supply??
CLICK HERE To View This Horn / Viair OBA Kits

Assured Performance Quad Trumpet Air Horn

This Assured Performance Quad Trumpet Air Horn will get you noticed and will wake up inattentive drivers that share the road with you. This Assured Performance ACHRSK-380 airhorn sold exclusively by Assured Automotive Company.

This popular train style air horn will work in cars, RV, SUV, UTV and of course make for a great pickup truck air horn. The quad trumpet design makes is easy for mounting. Some popular spots for mounting this horn is behind front bumper or between radiator and grill. Do not be steered wrong by the inexpensive cost of this horn, the cost is inexpensive, but the quality is something you will appreciate years down the road. This air horn has zinc trumpets that will not rust to discolor for many, many years. The diaphragm housing are made of cast aluminum and are powder coated black. This air horn is not for the average person, this horn is no whimpy horn. When you add 100-150 psi of reserved air to those diaphragms it will blow you away on how loud it is. super loud.

How does this air horn work..

The Assured performance Quad Trumpet Train Style Air Horn includes a 12v/24v air solenoid, or some call it electric air valve.  When you install you will run an air supply air line from your air tank to the solenoid input.  This solenoid has 1/8″ NPT female threads so you can use any fitting you need for your air tubing.

Once you have the tubing connected from your tank to the solenoid it is time to wire it up. There are 2 wires on the solenoid, ground one of the wires. The other wire goes to a momentary switch (or your steering wheel switch wiring).  When you apply dc power to the solenoid via your switch it will open the valve allowing the air to enter the horn manifold.  This will blast those horn diaphragms on this quad trumpet air horn sounding them.

Do You Need This Quad Trumpet Horn w/Air System?  CLICK HERE

Need A Horn Switch?

You can use OE Horn Switch (steering wheel) to activate solenoid.
You don’t want to use your OE Horn Switch??
Choose option to include Horn Button Switch.
Do you want to Look and Feel like a Big Trucker???
Choose option to include Manual Air Valve Kit w/Lanyard
Assured Performance

*For Continental U.S. Shipments ONLY


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