Viair 35030 350c Air Compressor 150psi 100% Duty 1.52 cfm 12v Pewter


The Viair 350c  with Pewter / Silver body operates using low amp draw so they’re versatile for many mobile pneumatic applications.  Features include a standard 1/4” NPT stainless steel braided leader hose with inline check valve and insulated wiring for simple installation.  This compressor is good for Air Horn, Air Locker and light tire filling airing.      See item description for more details.

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Viair 20020

Viair 35030
Viair 350c Air Compressor 150psi 

The Viair 35030 is a Viair’s Powerful Air Compressor.
The 350c  Air Compressor are an impressive 100% Duty at 100psi
These are perfect for anyone who who needs a large amount of air pressure on demand.
A Viair 35030 designed to handle air tank sizes up to 5.0 gallon.
This is perfect a compressor for air bag rides, off road guys or anyone that needs
or wants a lot of air on demand.

The 35033 350c Compressor includes an Air Filter Relocation Kits.
This allows the air filter to be mounted in a dry, clean area of vehicle and will prolong the life of the compressor substantially

VIAIR 35030 Kit Specs:

VIAIR 350c Compressor
Permanent Magnetic Motor
Max. Working Pressure: 150psi
Duty Cycle: 100% Duty @ 100psi.
Duty Cycle Explained-CLICK HERE
12 Volt DC
Permanent Magnetic Motor
Max. Amp Draw: 20 Amps
Ingress Protection Rating: IP67
Compressor Dimensions (each): 7.40” L. x 4.00” W. x 6.75” H.
Max. Air Tank Size Recommended: 5 Gallon

This Kit Features:

350c Compressor (Pewter / Silver)
w/Thermal Overload Protectors
Air Filter Assembly
VIAIR Removable Air Filter Covers
Remote Air Filter Mount Fitting
Remote Air Filter Air Line
Set of Spare Air Filter Elements
Leader Hose Clips
Compressor Mounting Nuts, Bolts, Washers and Lock Washers
Stainless Steel Braided Leader Hoses with Inline Check Valve
Complete Instructions Included
Free U.S. Based Tech Support
VIAIR 1 Year Warranty

Viair 350c Fill Rate
2.5 Gallon Tank

0 to 145 PSI —–4 Min. 20 Sec.
110 to 145 PSI—–1 Min. 35 Sec.

Viair 350c Rate
5 Gallon Tank

0 to 145 PSI —–8 Min. 50 Sec.
110 to 145 PSI—–3 Min. 15 Sec.

Viair 350c Performance Data:
0 PSI – 1.52 CFM / AMPS – 12
50 PSI – 0.95 CFM / AMPS – 17
100 PSI – .0.76 CFM / AMPS – 20
150 PSI – 0.54 CFM / AMPS – 19

Need a LARGER, more Heavy Duty Compressor??
Give Us A Call And We Can Assist You- CLICK HERE

Viair 35030 350c Air Compressor

Viair 35030 350c Air Compressor is perfect for air supply for any air horn, air suspension, air spring kits, air lockers, filling tires with air or using pneumatic tools.

The kit includes the Viair patented air filter relocation kit. This way the 350c air compressor can be mounted under the vehicle and filter can be in a location that has clean air. Ideal places for the air filter is in engine compartment, installed inside the vehicle, under a seat or under a bed rail is also ideal. This will extend the life of the compressor greatly

Advantages to the Viair 35030

This Viair 35030 is an air compressor that can produces a whopping 150psi. The Viair 350c compressor is 100% Duty at 100psi.  This Viair 35030 kit uses a small but mighty 350c compressor that will recover your 2.5 gallon air tank from 110psi to 145psi in less than a 100 seconds!!

Purchase with confidence, we are an Authorized VIAIR DEALER.

*For Continental U.S. Shipments ONLY

Additional information

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 8 in


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