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Police Fire Siren Kits with PA

police siren 200w

Are you looking for a loud siren & PA for your emergency response vehicle?

What you need is an easy install 100 watt or even 200 watt system police siren likes.  Therefore Assured Automotive Company has what you are looking for in quality and service.

Assured Automotive Company has a 100 watt siren PA speaker kit for a far price.  The same unit sells retail for nearly double the price.  It has 5 tones which includes 4 siren tones and an air horn tone.  Everything you need to alert road users of your presence.  If that is not enough there is also a crystal clear PA system included with the siren kit.  The 100 watt speaker can be heard locks away.

If 100 watts isn’t enough wattage for your needs, you may want to invest in the Assured Performance 200 watt siren PA kit.  The ACHRYH-6200 is a very powerful unit that can be heard over a mile away.  The kit includes 7 siren tones plus an air horn warning tone.  Like the 100 watt kit, the 200 watt kit also has a PA included.

So whether your a volunteer fire fighter, a police officer or have a vehicle escort service, Assured Automotive Company has the siren kit you need.

All Assured Performance siren kits have weather proof solid state speakers.  So mounting in grill or engine compartment is not an issue.  Assured Automotive also offers FREE tech support for all there siren kits.

Assured Automotive Company is the answer for your warning device needs.