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Train & Truck Air Horn Kit Install Part 1

Part 1 of 3

So you bought yourself an air horn kit for your ride.  Congratulations!!  There are many different applications that an air horn and a VIAIR on board air system can be install in. We cannot possible cover them all.  Below are some suggestions and things to think about BEFORE you install your new air horn kit.  Assured Automotive Company has been in the auto industry since 1994.  The sales staff and technicians got together to give you some suggestions.


AIR HORN:When deciding where you are going to locate the air horn and the on board air system components you will want to pay special attention to the protection of those components.

The air horn(s) will need to be placed in a location were it is facing in a downward angle.  This will allow any contaminants that might enter the trumpets to drain back out.  You DO NOT want water, snow, mud, etc to sit in the diaphragm housing.  This will cause damage to the horn diaphragms and shorten the life of them.

The most popular spot for the under body horn mounting is behind the front bumper facing sideways.  Assured Performance 140db horns are small enough to fit there on “most” vehicles.   The Assured Performance BEHEMOTH 152db Series horns are sometimes too large to fit behind the bumper.  When installing the  BEHEMOTH-i Air Horn you can remove the trumpets from the manifold for easier mounting.  Face the trumpets any which way to make them fit.   Another popular place for the BEHEMOTH-i air horn for pickup truck applications is to place in a bed cavity.  Most trucks have a cavity on the passenger side, in front of the rear tire inside the fender.  Mounting the horn to the bed side of the cavity is ideal for any horn that might fit there.   The horn(s) can be mounted directly under the body, facing the trumpets sideways, backwards(so loud it doesn’t matter much) or even front wards.  Just be sure, again,  they are in a downward angle to allow contaminants to drain out.

In most cases, if this is the first kit you installed, it will take you longer to consider location of the horn and the air system than it will to actually take to install the kit.  We do advise you to take your time and consider ALL your mounting options.

The staff at Assured Automotive Company would be more than happy to assist you with any install or mounting questions you may have.  We are sure you will enjoy your NEW Assured Performance Air Horn for years to come.