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Train & Truck Air Horn Kit Install Part 3

Part 3 of 3

So you bought yourself an air horn kit for your ride.  Congratulations!!  There are many different applications that an air horn and a VIAIR on board air system can be install in. We cannot possible cover them all.  Below are some suggestions and things to think about BEFORE you install your new air horn kit.  Assured Automotive Company has been in the auto industry since 1994.  The sales staff and technicians got together to give you some suggestions.

Now you have your Assured Performance Air Horn location decided along with were you are mounting your VIAIR air components.  You now need to put it all together. We will just focus on the VIAIR under body style kits.  These are kits were the compressor is not part of the air tank assembly.

  1. Connect the compressor stainless steel leader line to tank port.  Keep in mind you will want to use teflon tape or plumbers dope on all threads you are screwing into the tank. You will not want to use the port on lowest part of tank.  You will need that port for the tank drain petcock.  When screwing the compressor leader line into the tank pay special attention to not cross the threads.  DO NOT over tighten the leader line, see warning label on leader line.  If compressor is not located close enough to the tank to use the leader hose, use the “T” fitting and use 1/4 inch line included with the kit.
  2. Thread the VIAIR pressure Switch/Relay that is included in the kit into a tank port.  Wire the relay.  White wire to compressor positive wire.  Run the red wire with the inline fuse from battery to the red wire on relay labeled “battery”.  Pull fuse from inline fuse holder before connecting to battery terminal.  Run another wire from an ignition source inside the vehicle, like the radio circuit, to the switch panel included with kit.  Then run a wire from switch panel to the relay lead marked “trigger”.  Ground the black wire on relay and compressor.  Your system is now wired up.
  3. Run the 1/4″ air line included with the kit to the air horn solenoid.  Avoid kinking the air line. Avoid shape bends.  If your horn included a barbed fitting on the solenoid, remove the fitting and replace it with the compression fitting included with the kit.  Connect the air line to the solenoid.  Insert a compression fitting in one of the tank ports and connect the air line.  Included in the kit is a pressure safety valve for the tank.  It is a good idea to use this valve.  Thread the included safety valve in a vacant tank port.  On the most bottom tank port thread the included drain petcock into it.
  4. The Train Horn kits that Assured Automotive Company sells include air solenoids or electric air valves.  These valves is what allows the air from the air system to enter the horn manifold, thus sounding the horn.  When the solenoid receives 12-24 VDC it opens and allows the pressurized air to pass thru to the horn manifold.  You can use your existing horn switch(steering wheel) or you can incorporate a separate momentary switch.  With Assured Performance Air Horn Solenoids a relay is not required, amperage draw is only 3 amps.  Wire one of the solenoid wires to a 12v positive source.  Ground the other wire.  It doesn’t matter which wire you use for the positive.
  5. You are now ready to air up.  Double check all your wiring and air line connections.  When everything checks out, insert fuse into the inline fuse holder.  Start your vehicle, Switch the panel switch to ”on”.  Compressor will begin to fill the tank.  Depending on compressor size and tank size this could take anywhere from 1 minute to 5 minutes to fill to 150psi.  Being sure everyone within 100 feet of vehicle has ear protection, you can now test the horn.
  6. Last step.  With a spray bottle of 1 part dish soap and 5 parts water, spray all the air fitting on the system checking for leaks. Fix leaks by either tightening fittings or using extra teflon tape or plumbers dope.
  7. ENJOY!!

The staff at Assured Automotive Company would be more than happy to assist you with any install or mounting questions you may have.  We are sure you will enjoy your NEW Assured Performance Air Horn for years to come.