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“BEHEMOTH” Air Horn/VIAIR 20005 Kit Install F150

Joe of Memphis Tennessee sent us some photos explaining his install on of the BEHEMOTH Train Air Horn – VIAIR 20005 Kit from Assured Automotive Company on his 1989 Ford F150. Joe purchased this kit in December, and had it installed in no time!!

The pictures below show the mounting of the “BEHEMOTH” Triple Trumpet Air Horn.  Joe mounted the trumpets on the passenger side of his F150 in front of the rear wheels, outside of the frame rail.

Joe aimed the trumpets at a downward angle to help ensure proper drainage of contaminants that get into the trumpets, preventing trouble down the road. As you can see from the second picture, the horn cannot be seen when looking at the truck from the side.

The next step was wiring the horns.  Joe wanted to use his OE horn switch(steering wheel) to activate the air valve on the BEHEMOTH air horns. He also did not want to loose the ability of use his original horn if needed.  He installed a 3 way switch on his dash(see photo below) were he can flip the switch from street OE horn to BEHEMOTH Air Horn. The air valve (solenoid) on the BEHEMOTH Air Horn can be used on a 12v-24v dc electrical system. The solenoid has 2 wires, one is ground and one is positive coming from your switch. It does NOT matter which wire you use for ground/positive.

Now Joe has the horn mounted, it is time to install the VIAIR 20005 air source.  Joe decided to mount the VIAIR 20005 Compressor Tank Combo behind the rear seat of his F150.

The compressor can be loud when running, so this might not be the choice mounting spot for everyone.  Joe installed a piece a 3/4″ aluminum square tubing about 18 inches long. He bolted the VIAIR 20005 unit to that, then secured the tubing to the interior floor board with self tapping screws.

Joe ran the wiring and the air line for the unit through an existing hole in the floor board.  Joe wired the system using a relay so the compressor will only turn on when his truck ignition is in the on position.  He also used a 20 amp inline and wired directly to a battery 12v terminal.

Great job with the install Joe!!!

It looks AWESOME!!!

All of us at Assured Automotive Company appreciate your info and photos

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