Dual Snail Electric Horn 12v 110db |12 Different Sounds | Chrome Loud


Assured Performance Dual Snail Horns is a loud 110db 12v electric horn kit.
This electric horn has 6 different tones with an echo option for each tone.
This 12v horn is a loud 110db and is great novelty horn that will bring smiles to other road users.

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Assured Performance Dual Snail Horn
12v Electric Horn – 12 Different Sounds – Chrome

Check Out Our Demo Video Below

This video does not do justice to just how cool this electric dual snail horns are.
The A.P. Dual Snail Horns can be mounted in engine compartment.
This is great novelty item for anyone!!
It has a simple wiring design and can literally be installed in just minutes.
Super Easy 12v Install
The Assured Performance horn will work on Cars, Trucks, & SUVs,
It is awesome for UTV & Golfcarts.

This Assured Performance horn is super easy to install.
The horn control box has 6 different tones with an echo option for each tone.
This snail horns weather proof and can be mounted in in a location that gets wet.
The horn tone control box assembly is NOT weather proof and needs to be mounted in a dry location.
This Dual Snail Horns only draws about 3 amps so there is not need to use a relay or special switch.
This Horn can be installed to anything that has a 12v DC battery.
The ACHRKS-707 is a fun horn that looks awesome with it’s chrome snail covers.
If you are looking for something to bring joy to other road users without spending a fortune, this is your answer.

ACHKS-707 Specs:

Part# ACHRKS-707
DB Level: 110+/- @ 10cm
Tones: 12
Voltage: 12v
Horns: 2
Horn Type: Snail
Horn Diameter: 4.4”
Control Box Dimensions:1.3”H x 3.3”W x 3.25”D
Installation Instructions: YES
Mounting Hardware: YES
Wiring Included: YES
Switch Included: NO (use OE or Add Switch in options)
Instructions: Included

Assured Performance 90 Day Warranty

How To Operate The Assured Performance Dual Snail Horns.

This Dual Snail Horn kit just needs a 12 volt power source.
When you activate your horn switch it put out whichever unique sound you selected on the control box.
The solid state construction  is quality that you will be impressed with for years.

Wiring The Horn.

This Assured Performance Dual Snail Horns are so simple to install.  You first need a momentary switch.  You can use your factory OE horn switch (steering wheel) or you can use you own switch.  Assured Automotive offers a deals on switches, see the options.  If you are using your OE horn switch it will need to be a grounding switch.

The control box has plug harness with wire leads coming from the rear of the box.  There are many leads, four of which plugs into the snail horns.  Use the colors match on the instructions on box.  Our harness also has a black ground lead that you wire to negative on a battery or to a solid ground.  The red lead is positive that you need to wire to a 12v source. We do recommend that you wire to an ignition source to cut off the power supply vehicle is out of service.  Now we are down to the blue wire which goes to a grounded switch.  When the blue leads gets grounded the control box will sound the dual snail horns.

Select Your Horn Switch or Use Your Factory OE Switch

You can use OE Horn Switch (steering wheel) to activate solenoid.
If you don’t want to use your OE horn switch you may choose to install a momentary horn switch.

*For Continental U.S. Shipments ONLY


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Dimensions 10 × 6 × 5 in


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