Dual Trumpet Horn 140db | Viair 20003 120psi Air Compressor 1.5g Kit


Assured Performance 140db Dual Trumpet Truck Air Horn with Viair 20003 (275c Compressor and 1.5g ) 120psi Light Duty Air Source.  This horn has a great dual-tone sound.  The Viair 20003 installs easily with just 4 bolts.  The air system is designed to be mounting on a flat surface like in a truck bed or behind a truck seat. SEE VIDEO IN DESCRIPTION.

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Dual Trumpet Horn 280c

Assured Performance Products
Dual Trumpet Horn + Viair 275c Compressor 1.5G (PN: 20003)
2 Trumpet Truck Style Air Horn 120psi Kit

Check Out our Video Below.
Actual Horn in the Chevy Silverado-See Video.

Of course this video does not do justice to just how loud this 140db Truck Horn really is!!
The Dual Trumpet Horn will get the attention of folks blocks away.
The Dual Trumpet Truck Style Horn has a great sounding dual tone.
This kit is perfect for Cars, Trucks and SUVs.
It is also great for RVs, OHV and Big Rigs.
This A.P. Dual Trumpet Air Horn is made of zinc-Great shine-NO Rusting
This Assured Performance Air Horn has that awesome truck tone.

The Viair 20003 Air System easily can mount in car’s trunk
or in the bed of a pickup or UTV.
If you have an RV, a storage hold is a great spot.
This air source is designed to mounted upright like in pictures.
It is recommended to mount in a somewhat dry location.
The Viair Air System can also be used for emergency small tire inflation, air lockers, air springs, etc.
The horn is compact enough to fit almost anywhere.
You can upgrade to 150psi 2 Gallon Kit in Options (20005).
Quick and Easy Install for experienced techs

A.P. Dual Trumpet Air Horn Specs:

Part# ACHRSK-106
DB: 140 @ 10M(120psi)
Solenoid(Electric Air Valve): Included (12v/24v).
Trumpets: 2
Trumpet Diameter: 3.7”
Trumpet Lengths: 14.0”, 11.65”
Overall Dimension: 14” Long x 6.5” Wide x 3.7” Tall
Trumpet Material: CHROME Plated Zinc(non-corrosive)
Mounting Hardware: Included
*Mirror Finish-Trumpets will look like new for years to come.
*Works on any 12v or 24v system.
*Super Loud-Great Bang for the Buck!!
*Can fit these trumpets in tight areas like behind a bumper.
*Over-sized Hi-Flow Air Solenoid.

VIAIR Compressor Kit Specs:

PN: 20003
275c Compressor
120psi (25% Duty @ 100psi).
Duty Cycle Explained-CLICK HERE
12 volt
Permanent Magnetic Motor.
Max Working Pressure of 150psi.
18 Amp Draw
Min. Ambient Temp.: -40 F.
Max. Ambient Temp.: 158 F.
1.5 Gallon Tank
Overall Dim: 15.16”L. x 5.94”W. x 12.83”T.

This On Board System Includes:
Pressure Switch(90psi ON–120psi OFF)
20 Feet of 1/4” DOT Air Tubing.
Compression Fittings for 1/4” Air Tubing.
170psi Pressure Safety Valve
Drain Cock
Just Mount w/4Bolts-Run Power Leads and then PLAYTIME!!
Complete Instructions
*VIAIR 1 Year Warranty against Defects

Viair 20003 Fill Rate
0 to 120 PSI —–2 Min. 35 Sec.
90 to 120 PSI —–0 Min. 35 Sec.

Need a LARGER, more Heavy Duty Compressor??
We have Compressor Upgrade Options.

Assured Performance Dual Trumpet Horn & Viair 20003 120psi Kit

This Assured Performance Dual Trumpet Truck Horn with the Viair 20003 (275c Compressor and 1.5G) air source makes for a loud, dual tone air horn sound that will get you noticed and will wake up inattentive drivers that share the road with you. The Assured Performance Air Horn will work in  RV, SUV, Cars and of course make for a great Pickup truck air horn.

This air horn has zinc trumpet that will not rust. The diaphragm housing are made of cast aluminum polished to a mirror finish with stainless steel diaphragms. Popular mounting spot for underbody mount is behind the front bumper, actually mounting it to the radiator bracket that goes frame rail to frame rail on pickups.

This Viair 20003 on board air system produces a 120psi. The AP Dual Trumpet Horn with Viair 275c compressor is 25% Duty at 100psi. and is considered light duty in the Viair line.

More Than Just An Air Horn Kit…

The Assured performance Dual Trumpet Train Style Air Horn & Viair 20003 is an air advantage when using this air system. Simply put, it will have plenty of volume of air in reserve for the air horn. This Viair Kit is perfect for air supply for this horn, air spring kits or air lockers and even filling small tires with air. The kit includes everything needed to install minus wiring. The Viair 20003 Air Source is designed to be mounted on a flat surface so the tank can be drained of moisture when needed.

Some ideal places install is in a truck bed (under a bed cover), truck bed toolbox, truck, behind a rar seat,and any somewhat dry location.  if you mount the 20003 in a dry location it will extend the life of the compressor greatly. Our Viair 20003 kit includes a 90psi ON and 120psi OFF pressure switch which allows the air system to always maintain proper air pressure in the tank. The kit includes all the necessary fitting for install.

Purchase with confidence, we are an Authorized VIAIR DEALER.

You can use OE Horn Switch (steering wheel) to activate solenoid.
You don’t want to use your OE Horn Switch??
Choose option to include Horn Button Switch.
Do you want to Look and Feel like a Big Trucker???
Choose option to include Manual Air Valve Kit w/Lanyard

switch Dual Trumpet Horn 280c

Don’t forget to get your Tire Fill Hose Kit
Choose 1 of 2 VIAIR Tire Fill Hose Kit options below:

The first of the two options (Yellow Hose Kit-Top of Pic Below) is Viair 35′ Coil Air Hose and is 200psi rated. This kit includes a Female Quick Connect fitting and Male Quick Connect Studs(2). Also includes a tire chuck. (PN:ACV0037-KT)

The second of the two options (Digital Hose Kit-Bottom of pic) is the Viair Digital Tire Fill 30′ Hose Kit. Includes Digital Tire gauge that reads 0-200psi. Also includes a canvas protective carrying case. (PN:ACV00044)
CLICK HERE for Digital Tire Fill Kit Info

Add A Viair Tire Fill Hose Kit and Save

A lot of installers prefer installing an air gauge for the on board air system. Add this gauge and save some money off buying separately.

This wiring kit includes gauge, on/off switch, 20 feet of 16g wire, 20 amp inline fuse, electrical connectors & zip ties.

Wiring kit for Dual Trumpet Horn 280c Viair OBA

*For Continental U.S. Shipments ONLY


Additional information

Weight 28 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 17 × 11 in


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